– Housing: Turret.
– Resolution: 2MP.
– Lens Category: 2.8mm Fixed.
– Night Vision: Infrared / IR.
– Water Resistance of Rating : IP67.
– NDAA Compliant: No.

4 Channel 5MP DVR Specifications

  • 4 CH TVI / CVI / AHD video input
  • 1 x IPC In (Up To 5 IPC)
  • Recording: TVI / AHD : 5MP@10fps; 4MP/3MP@ 15fps, 2MP@30fps.
  • Playback: 4CH simultaneously playback; HDMI 1080P output.
  • Backup: USB, IE, CMS; support multi-file, file cutting when backup.
  • Pentaplex: live, record, playback, backup and remote operation.
  • Titanium OS 4 Channel 5MP DVR.
  • DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE Network protocol, IE browse and CMS supported.
  • Dual stream technology; Multi-user online simultaneously
  • Support PTZ preset and auto cruise, up to 128 presets and 8 cruises.
  • Cell phone: iPhone, Android
  • Complete SDK function, easy to integrate with other applications.
  • Max HDD: 1 x HDD.


4 Channel 5MP DVR


Perimeter Protection:

  • Home Entrance and Exit Protection
  • Deter Asset Theft and Vandalism
  • Clear Images Both Day and Night with Smart IR (98ft)
  • Home or Business Perimeter Protection
4 Channel 5MP DVR

4 Channel 5MP DVR 1080P High Definition:

  • Vsiony Series coaxial security cameras push High Definition (HD) video straight to our Digital Video Recorders.
  • With clear-cut live view and recording capability, our 1080P cameras provide a clear video with excellent field of view.

Smart IR:

  • Provide Clear Images Both Day and Night with Smart IR Technology (98ft distance)
  • Theft and Vandalism Prevention
  • Home or business night-time protection
4 Channel 5MP DVR

24/7 Monitoring:

  • Effective Business Asset Protection
  • Efficient Home Security Day and Night
  • Ensure Safety and Security in Workplace

As the challenges have evolved, so to have the solutions. Vsiony Series HD over coax security cameras. Provide broad area surveillance to help combat and solve your challenges! These Include:

Entrance & Exit Monitoring / Home Security

4 Channel 5MP DVR

Whether it be entrance/exit, side entrance, backyard, or driveway monitoring. Our Diamond Series HD Over Coax security cameras utilize Smart IR technology. This system, provide clear visibility and excellent perimeter protection both day and night for effective home and business security.

SMB Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

24/7 monitoring with Smart IR provides enhanced safety and security. Not only business assets, but also customer, patron, and employee safety.

Commercial Property & Tenant Protection

Utilize basic security and Smart IR, providing 24/7 monitoring, day and night, allowing for efficient protection of tenants and property.

Provide basic safety and security with Diamond Series. HD Over Coax security cameras, in order to detect real threats in real-time, prevent vandalism, theft, and other criminalities.

4 Channel 5MP DVR