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Instalacion de Programas

Software Installation

Installing programs on your computer is seemingly easy and automatic task, if you follow the installation manual and your computer meets the minimum requirements. On the other hand, the installations and un-installations of programs are the biggest reason for the corruption of computers data. Also, free software installations downloaded from the Internet is one of the main causes of adware, malware, spyware, viruses and other malicious programs.

Doctor PC Solution is here to help you  in any issue in software or hardware. We know that your computer is important to you. We offer a comprehensive service of maintenance and repair of computers quickly and professionally, either to repair a PC, MAC or Laptop. You can forget about all the frustrations caused by computer problems. Obtain an advanced home or business diagnosis by reliable and qualified Technician. Miami Computer Repair

Popular feature

Software Installation

We have experienced staff for the installation, configuration and repair of Hardware or software on your computer.

We provide a quality service with fair prices and a permanent personalized attention. We can update the hardware to increase performance and extend the life of your computer.

Hardware and Software Services

  • Hardware Installation.
  • Software Installation.
  • Hardware and Software Update.
  • Software Configuration.
  • Hardware Diagnostic.

We receive your equipment

and the repair or update of the hardware or software begins

Our Technician Test

we check that the new parts are working optimally

We free delivery your device

we send you computer back with delivery free

Doctor PC Solution is proud to provide you with a quality service and with the best warranty on the market. Our Clients, Our Priority.

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