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Enhance the quality of service offered by your business by improving your staff’s performance and functionality. Keep customers coming back with our user-friendly and reliable POS programs. Using SambaPOS will grant your employee more time to better focus on the customer’s needs. View and manage your business’ functions:

• Sales Reports
• Customer History
• Inventory


Whether you manage a single Barber Shop or you are the owner of different locations, our Point of Sales software programs are designed to suit all your business needs. You are the owner? so you don’t need stay all day in the place you can control from home or on the way with the Metrik Remote Sotfware.

.Automatic Separate the barber’s
profit from that of the owner

.Detail Report by Barber


We know that customer service is a crucial ingredient for your business’s goal. That’s why we’ve offer you this easy-to-use and intuitive Point of Sale System; allowing your server extra time to enhance your customer’s dining experience.

• Table Control
• Network Printer kitchen
• Employ Report


After synchronizing your metriK app with the SambaPOS at your business, you can access all of your data. No need to worry anymore about what’s happening or how many sale.
In addition to instantly updated basic informations, metriK allows you to access more detailed and graphically supported reports at any time, anywhere from from the comfort of your Phone.

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SambaPOS Systems are the most recent programming that will reform the manner in which you handle your business. We mastery in giving proficient, provide a solution for your business to improve efficiency, increase profits, and give customers a V.I.P. experience.

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Corporate services

  • Check Sales, by days, weeks, employees and more from your phone
  • Laser Bar Code Scanner
  • Complete On Screen Help
  • Sophisticated, Employee Shift Wise Management To Operate Ticket Selling
  • Extensive and Rich Reports
  • No Need To Take Backup Manually – When You Close Software It Automatically Takes Daily Backup
  • Generate Automated Purchase and Manual Purchase Order Instantly
  • Customize User Security Levels and Control
  • Touch Screen Compatible

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Free Support

If you ever need any help, our IT tech team will be here 24/7 in all United Stated

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SambaPOS Chicken Touch Screen

Professional Screen for Kitchen

1.Customer arrives and gives order at POS. At the same time he/ she will Pay for the order.
2.After payment is done
2.1. receipt is printed.
2.2. At the same time the order will be displayed in the kitchen screen.
3.Once the order is ready kitchen person will click the order is ready button and order is removed from the kitchen screen.
4.If the kitchen person take more than the normal time to process the order the order in the screen change the color in dependent of the time
5.When it is delayed the color is red
6.The most attractive is that don’t need impact or thermal printer that have to replace the paper almost very day.

Business with Sambapos System this Year.

Beauty Salon

Make Sales in 3 simple Steps…

Receive your equipment

You will receive your POS ready to use with all setting update to your Business.

Just open The Box

Connect you Point of Sale to the wall plate and turn on the systems. Ad all products to your POS with prices and barcode.

Start Make Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) is ready to make your business more secure, convenient and reliable.


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